All following tips are based on using terminal on Mac OS. I believe it will work for any linux system. For Windows, one needs to install some type of Unix-like systems, such as Cygwin.

RSPH cluster

Address for the RSPH cluster is Login commmand is

ssh -X

Here userid needs to be replaced by your login.

I usually create an alias by adding the following line to my .bash_profile:

alias cluster="ssh -X"

So I can login to the cluster by typing cluster in the terminal.

Password-less logins using SSH

It’s annoying to have to type in password every time login or scp to/from the cluster. Fortunately there is a solution. Follow the steps to setup a password-less login.

  1. Create Public/Private Keys. First check whether you have id_dsa and at the .ssh folder in your home directory. Note it’s a hidden directory, and can be seen by typing ls -a. If there exist, skip this step. Otherwise, typessh-keygen -t dsa in the terminal and those files will be generated.

  2. Set up logins. First copy your public key ( to remote host by doing: scp .ssh/ Now login to the cluster and cd to the .ssh directory. Add the public key from your computer to the end of your ``authorized_keys file and set the correct permissions by typing the following commands at the terminal:

cat ../ >> authorized_keys
chmod 600 authorized_keys